March 29, 2014

Recycle, recycle, recycle!

Recycling bins at San Cristóbal Hill, in Santiago, Chile.
© Hernán Torres

by Marcela Torres

One action we can take as responsible tourists and citizens is to avoid leaving garbage lying around in the places we visit. The best thing to do is take the garbage and recycle it. In Chile, it is not always that easy to find recycling containers, but some hotels are already including them in their facilities and some tourist attractions, such as the San Cristóbal Hill, have them as well.

The good thing is that in Chile recycling has been linked to social projects for a long time. For example, the San José Foundation provides boxes to companies in order to recycle paper and they also have bins in some supermarkets. The money obtained from recycling allows them to fund their adoption centers.

The Corporation to Help Burnt Children (COANIQUEM) recycles glass bottles to fund their centers to assist injured children. The Committee for the Defense of Flora and Fauna (CODEFF) also recycles glass to support environmental projects, such as their wildlife recovery center in the Maipo Canyon.

Empty Tetra Pak containers are recycled by the A Roof for Chile Foundation to obtain funds for their campaign to build houses for families without a home. And the National Family Center (CENFA) recycles plastic soda, juice and mineral water bottles to fund their initiative to support families in conflict.

Therefore, by recycling we are not only helping care for the environment, but also supporting non-profit organizations carrying out important social projects in Chile. What better benefits could there be?

The final message, then, is: Recycle, recycle, recycle!

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